Preventative Dentistry

It is important that you are informed about how you can maintain your oral health. The area of preventative dentistry focuses on dental care techniques in order to prevent tooth decay and disease. We make it our priority to get you a beautiful smile for many years to come!


Children and adults can both benefit from the likes of preventative dentistry. There are many benefits for you including:

  • Cavity prevention
  • Gingivitis protection
  • Lowers chances of gum disease
  • Enamel wear protection

Dental Hygiene Habits

We want you to be knowledgeable about great tips in order to maximize your dental health. They include the following but are not limited to:


  • Make sure that you floss every day
  • Aids in removing food particles between the teeth


  • Practice brushing twice a day
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
  • You can avoid bad breath by brushing your tongue

Balanced Diet

  • Limit your sugar intake
  • Choose foods high in vitamins and nutrients
  • Leafy greens build stronger teeth


  • Schedule a visit every 6 months

Are You Looking for Preventative Dentistry in Austin?

We know the importance of getting a smile that you can be confident about again. Your experts at Glauser Family Dentistry know how to get you the best level of oral health you’ve had in years!

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